Tai Chi

After a fun and lively session last week, we started to learn a couple of Tai Chi movements as a part of our cool down.  Everyone became very focused and completely in the zone whilst doing this and whilst we were chatting afterwards, it was clear the group was interested to learn more.

This week, to continue along with the theme of gestures and hand movements, we started looking really closely at Tai Chi movements. We were examining hand movements and gestures used, taking note of the details and different ways in which the hands and arms are used. We used a selection of different pictures as a starting point to create hand dances in pairs!

We are introducing more and more Tai Chi movements each week, building a phrase that we can use as a cool down after each session. Everyone really enjoyed this, especially learning the names of each of the movements. One lady had a brilliant idea that we could make stories out of all of the names and then put the movements together to start to build build individual sequences.

There was a lot of talk afterwards about how we had all experienced Tai Chi, whether we had watched it or participated in a class before. Everyone agreed how beautiful Tai Chi is to watch, and how learning these movements moving in this way made them feel graceful and controlled.

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