Painting Still Life.

During the last two weeks at Dover Court we have focussed on painting & drawing Still Life. Initially we looked at the work of British artist Mary Fedden who created bold expressive still lifes until she died at the age of 96. Participants then chose their own items to draw then paint & I think they all surprised themselves with how the pictures turned out.

Sadly this was the final art session at Dover Court after 11 weeks of creativity. We decided to bring together some of the work created in a small exhibition to celebrate their work. 

It was wonderful to see what everyone had achieved in such a short time, some participants having little or no drawing or painting experience previously, I am delighted by their art work & hope they will continue to enjoy their newly found talents.

During this art session we continued the focus of Still Life looking at fresh spring blossom and a few Easter eggs & chicks truly welcoming in the spring. The participants used their medium of choice which included; pencil, acrylic paints, crayons & watercolours.

It has been wonderful getting to know the residents at Dover Court, I have enjoyed sharing my passion for art, painting & drawing with them. I hope this is the start of their own creative journeys & they will continue to enjoy creating art.

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