New Beginnings…

For the past two weeks I have been delivering at our new Creative Living Venue, Bradgate Court.

When I first met the group I was greeted by a lot of smiles in Creative Living t shirts which they had received the week before. All seemed excited if a little apprehensive as to what I was going to get them doing!

We began with a warm up (as always) and a name game, everyone here knows each other pretty well so this was mainly to help me get to know everyone. Using the syllables in our names, we had to create a movement to match. This game is more liked by the people with 1 syllable names. It gets our brains ticking about how we can create movement which seems quite a scary idea to start with.

We then followed a structured improvisation on writing – writing our names with different body parts in the space,  big, small, slow, fast and even backwards.

We then used ribbons, in the air when they are moved they can look like calligraphy. We each picked a letter and created a sequence of movement with our ribbons.

We played with other words too – using word association games.

I then bought some sign language alphabets in – everyone really enjoyed this and said how useful it would be. We learned to say our names in the first session and in session 2 we learned ‘Hello, my name is…’

In session 2 we continued with similar ideas, beginning to look at shape in a bigger sense rather than just writing.

The group have been full of enthusiasm and a delight to work with,  I can’t wait to see what we get up to.

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