Moving Together


Creative Living Blog Post 1;

Wednesday was our first session of Creative Living at Dover court. Whilst the weather was dull and dark we soon found energy, enthusiasm and the light switches!

Today’s focus was on both ourselves and others and how we can move together,  exploring how we like to move and how other people liked to move. We introduced ourselves verbally and through a physical movements. Participants were able to observe and copy these introductory movements which was a great way to break the ice and get us all feeling creative!

We took time to move and follow each other to various songs including Elvis Presley, songs from The Nutcracker and some Michael Jackson. We later developed an idea of copying details that we liked from other people’s movement. This was a great opportunity to develop our own movement and engage with others through movement and non-physical contact.

Throughout the session everyone found their own energy through a variety of movement tasks and explorations, it was great to see how other move and develop the community lounge into our very own dance floor.

All hard work was finished with some well-deserved chit-chat, tea, coffee and a couple of shortbread biscuits!

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