Line Dancing with a colourful Twist!

Creative Living Blog Post 2;

Today we decided to focus on one of the dance styles that were suggested by the group last week. Drum roll pleaseLine Dancing!

We began the class creatively working with scarves to share movements and introduce ourselves before warming up our brains and bodies in some seated warm up exercises and light stretches.

When we were ready the group began to learn a very simple and repetitive line dancing sequence whilst sitting in a circle. This later developed to standing. As a group we decided to stay in a circle rather than making Line as we all quite liked seeing each other and smiling at each other whist dancing.

The group were then offered the opportunity to remain standing or be seated and work with a partner to develop our Line Dance by using the scarves to create an original and vibrant twist on traditional line dance steps.

Everyone was able to work with a partner and all were able to add scarf movements to our line dance steps which filled the room with colour and extended our upper body movements.  It was great to see the community room full of  rainbow actions, spirals and coloured scarves, along with smiles, laughter and lots of fun.

Once everyone felt confident with their movements we allowed each pair to share their movements (if they wished to do so). We cheered for each performers and really enjoyed watching and taking part as a group.

To finish we brought back last week’s theme of following and began to work on the idea of following each other’s scarves movements. This brought our focus into the room and gave us time to relax after quite an upbeat session.

Everyone stayed for tea, coffee and some bourbon biscuits to re-fuel!

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