Landscape, Sky to Lace Patterns.

At Creative Living, Bradgate Court it is a joy to see how well everyone gets on & enjoys catching up over a cup of tea & an art activity. These  shared experiences help everyone to get to know each other a little more whether it’s a passion for making cards, astrology, making garden ornaments from wood, drawing super heroes, or knitting,  they are a talented bunch, enthusiastic to learn new things and keen to try new skills.

We have been building upon our painting skills experimenting with different  techniques, focusing on landscapes then skies. One couple arrived back from their holiday with a sketchbook filled with sketches, a wonderful visual diary something they hadn’t tried before.

Heres’s some photos of the past few sessions;



This week I brought in my lace paintings, artefacts & lace pattern books, participants each chose a pattern to draw in pencil.

Lace Patterns

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