Hand Jiving!

Today’s focus was taken from the participant’s interest in Musicals and Jive Dance. Yes we got down with the Hand Jive from Grease the Musical!

We began by learning the traditional hand jive and before we knew it we had become carried away and began creating our very own hand jives in pairs. We all paired up and began to think of ways we could connect in the hand jive sequence. There were high fives, hip bumps and a range of amazing creative ideas on show.

Of course we didn’t stop there! We continued to learn some Jive footwork consisting of kicks, flicks, rocks, and twists.  As a challenge (I LOVE A CHALLENGE) I asked the pairs to combine their own hand jive sequences with the footwork. This was first quite a difficult task however once the participants began to really think about all the options and ways we can perform these movements in combination we noticed some wonder dancing happening all around the room.

One gentleman who openly explains to us that he has 2 left feet and doesn’t think he can dance, even confessed ‘I’ve lost on of my Left Feet, this is great’.

We had lots of fun which gave us all even more energy than normal- we actually danced for almost an hour and a half!

Working in this way with partners, laughing and joking together gave us a very strong sense of connection. It was amazing to connect in this way with our partners and the rest of the group. By the end we felt so connected and energized we took a few minutes to relax together. We sat in a circle focusing on our breath and then held hands in a circle passing a squeeze around the circle.

We felt so calm we quietly moved over to the teas, coffee’s and biccy’s before beginning to chat

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