Finding Our Inner Artist.

Over the past few weeks at Dover Court it has been wonderful getting to know each other & encouraging everyone to have a go with drawing, painting and collage over cups of tea & cake. Each week I have brought in a collection of things I love & which have inspired my work; natural materials, books & images. I bring in a few of my paintings & sketchbooks too to share some of my techniques. Themes have been:

Colour & Collage                 Feathers & Birds                   Icy Pools

Stones & Water                   Valentine’s Day Roses          Seed heads

Although it was quite daunting  initially  to pick up pencil & paintbrush (the first time since childhood for some) I think the participants are already surprised by their creations. I am certainly delighted.

I always have Picasso’s quote in mind:

“Every child is an artist . The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

My hope is to reconnect people to their inner artist  & the joy of creating; making marks, responding to the world & expressing themselves through a variety of media.


I am delighted I will now be at Dover Court for another 5 weeks, so come along & join us, treat yourself to this time to relax, enjoy drawing, painting & making things.

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