Enjoying the small things

Today was the first art session of Creative Living at Alvaston & Boulton Old People’s Welfare Club. It was wonderful to bring life and atmosphere into the room through being creative. Highly skilled artist Victoria Brown¬†shared Picasso’s quote “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up” and her own interest in the natural world.

Victoria talked about how to look at the world creatively, picking up things as you go and adding thoughts and ideas to a sketchbook. She brought fantastic flowers and blossoms in to sketch and inspirational images to collage with. The participants bravely using acrylics, pencil, charcoal, tissue paper – sometimes for the first time – to build layers and let their imagination flow. The calming and relaxing session led to sharing of stories. What has our journey been like? Who are we now? How can we live a full and creative life?

By Antonietta Sacco, Project Coordinator, Artcore

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