Creative Living at Spa Court

I was delighted to be asked to deliver art sessions at Spa Court starting the first week of November following on from the sessions at Dover Court and Cantley Close. At Spa Court it was a quiet start initially but residents are starting to hear about the sessions & the numbers of participants are increasing, returning each week for an afternoon filled with drawing, painting alongside lots of conversation, tea & biscuits. After five sessions I am now getting to know the residents, each week I bring in something different to draw & paint focusing on a new technique. They have happily embraced the activities & I am delighted they are willing to have a go at something new. Themes covered have been; collage, colour mixing, painting stones & water, abstract art & icy pools. Each participant has been given a sketchbook in which they can experiment. I think they are surprising themselves already with the art they have created and how relaxed it makes them feel.

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