03 Jan: Designing Christmas Cards.

As Christmas was approaching we had a session designing Christmas cards. I brought in a selection of cards available on the market as well as showing them my design from the previous year. The participants then enjoyed designing their own….


03 Jan: Autumn into Winter

We observed the changing colours of Autumn mixing autumnal oranges & browns. I planned a session drawing & painting pumpkins, squashes & leaves, here’s some of their wonderful creations. Once the leaves had fallen from the trees I encouraged everyone…


12 Oct: Tai Chi

After a fun and lively session last week, we started to learn a couple of Tai Chi movements as a part of our cool down.  Everyone became very focused and completely in the zone whilst doing this and whilst we…


24 Sep: Enjoying Paint

Over the summer art sessions at Cantley Close, Derby we have worked on different themes; Landscape, Birds, Still Life, Aboriginal Painting & Rainforests. Everyone has relaxed & now embracing different subjects & techniques with confidence. Over cups of tea &…


04 Sep: September 3rd 2018

In today’s session we have been continuing to learn elements of traditional Indian dance, focusing on Bollywood hand and gesture dance and traditional stick dancing (Dandiya) Today we re-caped all stick dance phase learnt so far and continued to learn…