Cantley Close Celebration December 2018

On Thursday 20th December we celebrated our Creative Living project with an exhibition of participants work and a stick dance performance. We have been working closely with the residents of Metropolitan housing since April and were so proud to share their progress together with the delivery artists Victoria and Danni, Ruchita, Ant, Linda and Hiral from Artcore, Clare from Deda, Jamie from University of Derby, Chris from Derby 50+ Forum, volunteers and friends and family. There has been such a progression in people’s abilities, confidence and motivation. So much so that they are continuing a weekly art group and monthly dance group to keep themselves in an actively creative life. We spoke about the journey everyone has made personally from meeting new people and giving something creative a try to the benefits they have seen and how the sessions have sparked their imagination. Lots of participants hadn’t been creative since school and opening the door for them in supported sessions has really been valued by the group, the artists have become ‘part of the family’ and such great relationships have been made between everyone. It’s never too late to live a full, inspirational life. We will be checking in with them to see what they do next! Merry Christmas from everyone at Creative Living and remember if they can do it so can you!

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