30th July & 6th August

The past two weeks have been self facilitated by the group with volunteers.

As part of these session I left the group with the task of building movement from memories. Each participant was asked to bring something in to share with the group this could be a photo, a teddy bear or anything that they would like to share. I understood that this could be an emotional task for the group so asked the volunteers and ambassadors to also bring something in which they could use if they wish not to share one of their memories.

Over the two week various memories were brought in and shared, some lent stories of previous jobs, Holidays, and loved ones such as husbands, children and parents. This was a great sharing experience which some found harder than others. The idea of sharing these memories through movement gave the group the opportunity to share in a non verbal way and to member those memories in a physical way. Over the two weeks all movements were brought together to make phases of movements in which the participants felt they were telling stories of their lives.

Here are some of the pieces brought in by the group members over the past 2 weeks.






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