1st November – Born To Hand Jive

Last week one of our participants had spoken about his love for jive dancing so that is what we decided to base our session on this week.

We began by learning a simple well known hand jive, this recognisable movement was great to work with as we had all seen this sequence of movement before and most of us had danced it ourselves. After a quick recap of the movement, we were all hand jiving within no time at all.

As the hand jive is a sequence of arm movements, we began sitting down in a circle dancing together.

After we felt confident in our hand movements, we learnt a foot pattern. Individuals could perform this seated, or standing with or without support.

When we added the foot patterns with our hand movements, we all had a good laugh as we all struggled to get it right. An exercise for the brain and the body! One of our participants explained it as a “pat your head and rub your stomach kind of thing.”

The great thing about this movement is that it is repetitive, with practice everyone will get it.

To confuse matters even more, we decided to challenge ourselves by jiving in pairs! When jiving with a partner you have to do the opposite to what you are looking at AND make sure you do not step on one another’s toes.

Following the energetic jiving, we spent some time on a relaxed cool down. Afterwards we enjoyed a chat over tea and biscuits.

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