19.11.18 BUTOH and Performance Practice!

The fantastic student, Katie, who has been working with us for the past couple of months had her assessment today! For this she had to deliver a part of the session. The room was full of positive energy for her.

Katie had decided to teach us all some Butoh. Butoh is a form of Japanese dance theatre, she had focused on 5 main facial expressions and gestures which they used.

Then we decided to create our own ‘Butoh Inspired’ Movements. Using our faces and hands we tried to create 3 or 4 more movements in groups. We had lots of laughs making silly faces and getting super creative, we even named our own movements. We had great titles such as ‘hands like mice’.

After Katie had finished her delivery, we began our rehearsals for the Christmas celebration event! As a group we have decided to set some movements with our fantastically decorated sticks. Because this could also be participatory for others who had not come a long to the sessions.


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