18.06.18- 25.06.18

Wow what a fun filled two weeks! Here’s a taster of what we have been up to;


Today we experimented with elastic making shapes and exploring how we can move together using the different shape and strengthened elastics.

The group worked both in pairs and as a whole group to create movement using elastic focusing on making shapes and patterns much like an old favourite game ‘Cats Cradle’.

Some of us even wanted to explore how our bodies level could effect the shaped the elastics had made! Not for everyone But Emery’s certainly enjoyed it!


In our latest session we decided to move with feathers. We were able to focus on the feathers, our breathing and staying light and balanced. It was the perfect session for a very hot day!

We begun the session improvising with the feathers, making shapes blowing and catching the feathers and finding places for the feather to balance, this brought an incredibly calm energy to the group who were all feeling rather energetic.

We last created a more energetic dance to ‘Shake your tail feathers’ before coming back to a calm place focusing on a more calm and controlled way of moving and using our breath to guide the feathers in the space.

Here’s form of our lovely comments from the session;


We’re having lots of fun in our creative movement sessions and can not wait for the next session!

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