13th August – 20th August 2018

Over the past two weeks the group have been focusing on story telling using traditional Indian hand gestures and dance as a way to tell these stories.

We’ve learnt some traditional gestures and the meanings behind the gestures and also been creative in making our own meanings and gestures.

One of our favourite activities throughout the week has been making our own stories  and getting others in the group to guess the story. This has given others the opportunity to be creative. It has also been a great was to ask others to interpret each others work.

The group so far have really enjoyed working with this theme and started to really delve into both creative interpretations and Indian dance traditions (some had watched a few Bollywood classics between the sessions) !

Over the next 3 weeks we will be continuing with the theme mixing other traditional Indian Dances into our work and also creating larger stories using memories.


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